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  • Android: Manage Nav Links

    You can manage your site's navigation menu in the nav tab.To add more Nav links, click the + icon. You can also delete existing Nav links, and reorder them to any order that you want. Change the or

  • Nav Tab: Delete a Nav Link

    To delete a nav link you no longer want, here's what you do: Click Nav Hover over the trash can icon (It remains a cursor, fear not! You can still click the can) Click the trash can with the

  • Nav Tab: Create Site Navigation

    You can use the Nav feature to create a navigation menu for your site. With Nav, you can create links to both External and Internal links. What this means is that you can point a navigation link to an

  • Nav Tab: Order Site Navigation

    You can change the order of your navigation. Items at the top of the list will display on the far left of the top of your site. To order your navigation links, drag and drop to put them in the order t

  • Android: Create a Nav Link

    In the Nav tab, you can create and manage your site's navigation menu. You can create your menu using a post that is published to your site, or you can add a link to an external site as a Nav link.

  • Write Something: Make Full Post

    If you'd like to have a post on your homepage that opens up in a new page, make sure in the Post Editor you've checked both boxes in the post settings when you click the gear icon in the lower right o

  • Set up a Subdomain

    Want to keep your shop or blog site tied to your landing page? You can do it! Here's how how you can create subsites and subdomains to your main site.  Here's a video to show you how. You can also

  • Getting Started: Create Your First Site

    This video and guide will guide you through making your first site. Have a watch or follow along and create your first site on The Grid. In this video, the site was c

  • Why aren’t my navigation links showing up on my site?

    We're aware that sometimes navigation links fail to appear. We’ve had a it a happen a bunch of times to our test sites as well. We're working this. Right now the only solution is to keep editing the p

  • Anatomy of your Admin Dashboard

    Here's a key of the anatomy of your Grid Admin Dashboard.  Admin Dashboard Tools and Icons These are the tabs of your dashboard where your live/published site content, drafts/unpublished cont

  • Post Settings: On Homepage & On Own Page

    Each post has a setting gear icon in the lower right of the post in the editor. It looks like this: For content to post to your site, On Homepage must be checked.  Checking BOTH means t

  • How to create a gallery

    You can create a gallery in The Grid editor by uploading 9+ images in one post. This will create a gallery of the images in that post. You can do a redesign to change the outcome, for example, to disp

  • Create a Forum

    The best way is to set up a forum on your site is to use a 3rd party forum builder, and link out to from the Nav tab. There are tons of free and paid solutions out there to create forums. Let us know

  • Link your Booking and Scheduling Tools

    The Grid is great for connecting your professional services with your customers. You can do this by linking through our Nav (navigation) tab to your booking and scheduling provider.  To set up your

  • Create a Survey

    There are lots of survey tools you can use from the web. We like  Google Forms or Typeform, and then you can link out to it by clicking Nav > enter your survey URL.  You can also paste the URL of y

  • Android: Anatomy of the Dashboard

    When you log into your account on your Android, there's a lot you can do right from your dashboard.  From upper left to right: Click the dropdown to see your current list of sites.  T

  • Android: Anatomy of the Post Editor

    Your Post Editor on Android works similarly to the  webapp's post editor. To get to the Post Editor, click the Plus + and tap Create Post. You can also launch the editor by tapping on an existing p

  • Editing a Post

    When you create a post, it’ll  appear on your drafts dashboard as a post. Clicking the pencil icon on an individual post will let  you to edit it. Note: Mobile apps don’t  yet support editing posts

  • Record Your Screen - Mac OS

    Screen recordings are a great resource! Sending us a recording of your screen is the best way to provide one of our Happiness Engineers with information needed to make sure you get the best help. Q

  • Lifetime Member Webinar #1

    Grid Lifetime Member Webinar #1 Video + Q&A 6/19/17 Q: Can you talk about meta tags (Description and Keywords) in new version? A: There are a couple of approaches being