Lifetime Member Webinar #1

Grid Lifetime Member Webinar #1 Video + Q&A 6/19/17

Q: Can you talk about meta tags (Description and Keywords) in new version?

A: There are a couple of approaches being planned (i) Meta tags & description will be inferred from content by Molly or (b) you’ll be able to define it yourself through the site’s settings.

Q: How can Molly organize things in order without date stamps?

A: We support user ordering of content in V2 and V3.

Q: Can I select fonts by name in V3?

A: Yes

Q: What is the release date for V3?

A: The initial or alpha release of V3 is the end of September.

Q: Will clustering be able to handle area specific language (theology, in my case)?

A: Clustering will select what are seen to be like items and then create an appropriate heading.

Q:What is the thinking of what the Header on a Web Site should look like?

A: V3 header will be similar to V2, with options for video, image and CTAs.

Q: If v3 Alpha is in Sept.. are we saying that this current site was created with the same v3 Alpha that we may see in Sept ?

A: Yes, you will be able to create sites similar to the V3 landing page with the alpha release.

Q: People use the web to find information. So, how does a user know which categories there are up front without having to continually scroll the page to find a category.

A: We plan to have a few options here. (i) We’ll add support for “cluster post”, this a post to promote a given category of content and will be defined further in a coming webinar. (ii) You will be able to add to the navigation any given category so your visitor can find them quickly without scrolling.

Q: You keep mentioning funnels. I use Click Funnels to create funnels for my businesses. Am I able to integrate my funnels on Click Funnels on my site on The Grid?

A: We are looking at which services to integrate in V3, this is a potential one.

Q: Does V3 have ecommerce capability? I'd like to create a site to sell a product.

A: We plan to have the capability of selling a product in V3. It will not be in the initial alpha release in September.

Q: If I work on creating my v2 will it automatically upgrade to v3?

A: No, you will have the option of selecting when you want to upgrade your V2 site(s) to V3 on a site-by-site basis. Once upgraded, you will not be able to downgrade. We can set an option to auto-upgrade V2 sites to V3.

Q: Are you guys using Agile Development to build the Grid? While a lot of this seems like a "big bang" - why can't pieces of this be released sooner rather than later ?

A: Yes we are using agile development and we are planning to release V3 in phases, starting in September.

Q: Can Grid sites include detailed locator maps? We need to show which retail locations will carry our products.

A: Yes, you can use locator maps in V2 and we will carry this forward to V3.

Q: Any hope on design improvements? Users ARE focused on content but designs fails short.

A: A key part of V3 is the ability to redesign on the site itself, at a much more granular level than is possible with V2. You will be able to see changes in realtime.

Q: How close to the demo site Dan shared will we be able to get with Alpha v3 ... ?

A: You will be able to create sites like this demo site with V3.

Q: Will we be able to get access to V3 before September?

A: Only the Lifetime Members will get access to V3 in September, the roll-out to other members will occur after this. There are no plans to grant access prior to September when we can deliver a complete experience. There will be additional demos available before September.

Q: For next Webinar - can we see an Actual V3 demo ?

A: Yes

Q: #Markdown? RTF? Ability to cut and paste in using these (and other) formats and not lose formating?

A: This is something we plan to support in V3, it will not be in the September release. We will provide the ability not only to cut and paste but also to edit directly using Markdown format. We’ll make sure to include this feature in the priority voting.

Q: So you aren’t designing the system from the ground up with accessibility in mind?

A: We are creating the Grid to be the easiest platform with which to build websites. If you have further ideas as to how to make access easier, we are keen to hear them.

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