Site Header

Molly will design your site for you, but she knows that you'd probably like to make sure that your header is just the way you want it. You can specify images and videos to be the hero media for your site. Here's how you do it:

Click the computer icon in the center of the dashboard:

Next, you'll choose the type of media you want for your header:

  • Upload background image: You'll then select an image file from your computer. This can even be an animated GIF.
  • Share background image link: Paste in a url of an image from the web as your header image.
  • Use a YouTube or Vimeo Video: Paste in a url from Vimeo or YouTube to play in your header (Note: Audio is not played).
  • Select from your published content: Choose a post that is published to your site.
  • Remove current background: This selection will clear your current background image.

After you specify your media, click Continue and your site will update. After your site updates, the media that you specified will be the header of your dashboard and most importantly, your gridsite!

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