Collaborative Publishing

You can invite other user to collaborate with you and contribute to any of your sites using our  Android app and our WebApp. You can invite users to help work on a site without sharing a login, or without your partner even having a paid plan with the Grid. (That's right, they get a FREE account on the Grid). Once you invite them, they'll be able to edit the site on any of our platforms (Android, Webapp, or iOS). However, for now, the invitation can only be made on the Android and web apps. Invitations for collaboration will be available for iOS soon. 

Here's how you can invite a collaborator (Android):

1. Open the site for which you want to add a collaborator. Tap "Collaborators" below the site title on the site's dashboard.

2. Tap the + icon to add a collaborator. You'll also see a list of current collaborators and pending invitations to others on this screen.

3. This will open your contacts. Tap the email address of the collaborator that you want to invite.

4. After selecting a collaborator you'll come to the confirmation screen. If you'd like to invite others, tap the Add button. When you're ready to send an email invitation to all collaborators on this screen, tap Invite.

5. Next, you'll see that the collaborators you just invited are now in Pending status. Once the invitation has been accepted by them, they will be displayed in Accepted status.

Here's how you can invite a collaborator for WebApp:

1. Open the Collaborators tab

2. Enter the email address of the person that you'd like to invite

3. Enter the name of the person you're inviting

4. Once you click continue you'll be able to see your collaboratorsAt this time there isn't a way to remove a collaborator, but there will be in the future. For now, you'll need to ask the collaborator to delete the site from their dashboard. Don't worry this won't delete the actual site, only the owner of the site is able to delete the site entirely or change the site URL.

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