Android: Design Tab

Design Your Website on Android

Tap Design in our Android app to change the layout, choose a new color palette, typography, and image filter options. 

Here it is on the dashboard of your Android app. This shows you your current design.

When you click on your current design, you'll see the option to Redesign

Click Redesign and Molly, your AI designer, will ask you a few questions. She'll ask you about your Layout, your Color Palette, your Typography, and your Image filters. 

You can toggle between mobile preview and desktop preview at the top of your screen.

The design questions will show up after you tap Redesign. 

Choose your star rating and click Continue for the next questions. 

Layout controls the look of your site and how text and images are laid out. 

Your Colors are either chosen from the array of prefab palettes or you can upload an image for Molly to select colors from. Choose 3 or fewer stars to prompt the choices for other color palettes. 

Typography is chosen next. Choose 3 or fewer stars to modify your fonts on your site. You won't be given an option of font to choose from, but Molly will choose one for you based on your star rating and your content.  

Next, and last, you can decide if you love or hate filters on your images. 5 stars will keep it as is, 1 star will totally change your current filter choice. 

After the design questions, Molly will generate 2 new designs for you. You can choose between those 2, stick with your original design, or redesign one of the 2 new designs as you get closer to a design that you love. 

Molly at work:

Designs are now ready for you to preview! Click the thumbnails for a full preview.

Here's a full preview. 

Tap Publish on your chosen design and Molly will make your new design live! Tap Redesign to make Molly work to make some changes to the design to get closer to something you like better. 

You can Redesign as many times as you like. 

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