Android Post Settings: Delete, Unpublish, Move, or Copy a Post

There's a bunch of stuff you can do right from the preview card of a post in our Android app. You can make these changes by tapping the 3 dot icon at the bottom right of the post preview card.


Selecting this will unpublish a post from your site, and move the post from the Published tab to the Unpublished tab. This means that the post will not be live on your site. 

Copy to site 

Selecting this will create a copy of the post to be used on another site. You can choose which of your sites to send this copy. The original will stay on the site from which you're copying the post (the post will be on both sites!). 

Move to site 

Selecting this will move the post from the current site to another site. This action will remove the post from it's original site. 


Selecting this will delete the post entirely. Be careful. Once deleted it can't be recovered.

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