Getting Started: Create Your First Site

This video and guide will guide you through making your first site. Have a watch or follow along and create your first site on The Grid.

In this video, the site was created

Step 1: Add or edit the Headline and Tagline of your site

Step 2: Create and publish a post by uploading mages and add H1 headers. Pro tip: Add 3 large landscape images separately to create a carousel. Also, if you need some great, free stock photos head to Unsplash. The images there can really make your site look awesome!

Step 3: Create and publish a single post with multiple images

Step 4: Share a URL of a video and publish the post to embed a video. Pro tip: You can also paste the URL in the editor.

Step 5: Create a Call to Action button.

Step 6: Create a Nav for your site's menu.

That's it! The steps listed above and shown in the video will give you a nice framework for your site. As always, if you don't like the original design of your site, you can open the Design tab and do a redesign of your site to get something that you like.

Have fun!

PS: Don't forget that you can add cool embellishments like favicons and logos.

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