Public Product Road Map

If you'd like to see what features we have planned for The Grid, check out our road map on Trello. You can check out what's coming and vote your favorite features up!

The board is organized in a few categories: 

Launching Next
In this section we'll put the features that you'll soon see live on The Grid. All the heavy lifting has been done on any item in this list. They are in the polishing phase and about to be released.
In Progress
If we're working on a new feature or other big user-visible aspect of The Grid, we'll put a card here. We’ll only put cards in this list we intend to ship, but sometimes a card will get stuck, and if that happens we’ll add details to the card about why it’s delayed.
In the 'Considering' list we'll post information about features that we're considering implementing. At this point these ideas are still in the evaluation phase and we may or may not end up implementing them, depending on what we discover during our research and how popular they are in votes!
If you don't see a feature that you need on here, let us know at [email protected]

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