Add a Google Form

To add a Google form to your sites,  go here.

From there, choose what sort of call to action form you want to create:

You can create a limitless variety of forms here, from RSVP, to email sign up, to an opt in form. 

You can share your from either with the direct URL, or by embedding the HTML code. 

To add your form to your Gridsite with the direct URL, click Send and copy the Link

You can then paste this link to your Gridsite and publish the post. 

The other method is to embed the form's HTML. 

Click Send and copy the HTML code to embed into your Gridsite.

Go to your Gridsite dashboard and click Write Something to open the Editor. 

Click the page and click the Add dropdown and choose Embed HTML

Click Save & Exit, which will save to Unpublished. 

Click Unpublished. The contact form HTML post will be the top left post, hover over it and click the Globe Icon to publish. 

This will publish the form to your Gridsite! Next, do a few redesigns to play around with how The Grid displays your form. 

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