Post Settings: On Homepage & On Own Page

Each post has a setting gear icon in the lower right of the post in the editor. It looks like this:

  • For content to post to your site, On Homepage must be checked. 
  • Checking BOTH means that that post will be on your homepage AND it will be clickable to open in its own page.
  • If the post is linked in the Nav tab, then you can choose just On its Own Page, which means it WILL NOT be posted on your homepage, it will only be clickable on your site in the Nav links in the upper right of the homepage.
  • If you have both checked AND that post is linked under the Nav tab, it will show BOTH on your homepage AND in your upper right corner nav links on your homepage. 
  • If On Its Own Page is checked and you only have that one post and nothing else checked as On Homepage, your site will have a 404 error, because you don't have content posted to the homepage. The homepage URL = your site URL and there must be content posted to the homepage for the GridBear to post your beautiful site!

It's like a logic problem, right!? It's ok, if you need some help with this, send us a quick note to  [email protected] with screenshots of your Published, Unpublished, and Nav tabs and we'll help you out!

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