Get Started on The Grid

Welcome to The Grid! This guide will help you get started and create your first site.

You can check out this quick tutorial first, and have a look below if you need a little more guidance. 

First, let the AI know what you'd like to be called. Enter your name or you can even choose to get a saucy new nickname!

Next, you'll select your color palatte for your site. You can use the slider to adjust the view to better see what's available.

Now it's time to name your site. You can get a suggestion if you like, or you can choose your own name. This name will become part of your URL on The Grid.

The last step is getting some content for your site. If you'd like some curated content, you can use some random content that we provide. You can shuffle through to find some that you like. If you want to start a site with your own stuff, simply click "No Thanks". Then, your new site will be created and be ready to build!

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