Editing a Post

When you create a post, it’ll  appear on your drafts dashboard as a post. Clicking the pencil icon on an individual post will let  you to edit it.

Note: Mobile apps don’t  yet support editing posts. This can only be done in The Grid web app.

Once you’re in the post editor, you can start typing to add text, or click the “+” to add an image. Highlight your text for formatting options (bold, italic, titles).

What is the “i” icon for?

You can add handy post information by clicking the “i” icon in the upper right corner. By default, the first H1 Heading in your post will be the title that shows up here, and will also be what shows up on the post’s cover in your site’s home page.

You can choose from one of three post types...

Homepage, which is like a "cover" post. This only  shows on feed/homepage with no link anywhere.

Page, which is an article page. This shows  on homepage and is clickable into it's own article/sub page.

Navigation, which doesn’t  show on the home page, only in the navigation at the top of the site. This has  an article/sub page.

Note: After you’re done editing, you’ll need to publish your post to a specific site before the options you selected take effect.

Adding Image Details

Clicking on an image within post will bring you to the Media Details view where you can add a title, caption, source URL, and more.

Posts will be auto saved as you type. To close the post editor click the “X” button on the top left.

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